Thursday, July 03, 2008

A=a does not connect

i was reading this on kinkybluefairy's blog *click click*
and i can't help but laugh about it
coz it's exactly what people say about me too!!

take for example, this is what happened last friday:

ml: hey i finally found someone who dislikes you.

me: ok, who??

ml: my ex. she thinks you're a snob

me: hahahahahhaa.. ok whatever.

am i suppose to layan every single person i meet even when i have a bad day??
hello!! please note my crazy hours and lack of a lunch time = me being hungry and grumpy at the end of the day.
fine i have a tiulei/sombong/ call it whatever you want face
plus the memory of a gold fish that alcohol has already severely impaired.. yes i don't remember names. i even forgot names of people i didn't meet after 6 months!! shit sorry gavin.. i really didn't mean to!!!

so there you have it
i can remember faces.. a is someone b is someone
but names.. that's another story altogether..

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