Monday, February 18, 2008

it isn't only in the movies anymore!

i've been wanting to blog about this for a while now but i keep forgetting. i met FreakyFaiz as he just got back to mel and i was about to leave. over a beer this is our conversation.

me: so how was your trip?
Freaky: i gained some mile high points
me: wtf?? what did you do?
Freaky: i dunno? i was drunk. she was cute
me: you mean to say you just met her?
Freaky : yea! and now she's telling me she loves me!
me: omg! why you so scandal?
Freaky: coz i needed to test whether it really is possible in such a small enclosed toilet space
me: ==" wtf??

well at first i thought he was joking till i saw a few of the love messages he's been getting
so for those who are wondering. yes it is possible in that space and well i suppose it doesn't only have to happen in the movies.

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