Tuesday, February 05, 2008

a Ratatoo-ee year

this would be my last post on the 2 blogs for the next few weeks since i'm packing up and taking off. so tata to all of you in melbourne and hello to all of you back in KL!

and to everyone,


may ratato-ee bring you loads of luck for the coming year


ok the GummiBear has been extremely mean/nice
depending on the way you see things. his way of curbing my shopping splurges has been to use reverse psychology. take me into a shop where the shoes are at 75% off or the clothes at 50% off and ban me from buying anything i like by dragging me out of said shop 10 minutes later when i've found something that i like. pure evil
but at the same time i've managed to hoard a little stash to convert back to a bigger stash in ringgit.. hehe
don't you just love the exchange rate?

i'm so gonna stuff myself silly and shop myself stupid when i'm back in kl.

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