Saturday, July 01, 2006

ok guys

i know.. i haven't updated this blog in a while.
but i have an legitimate excuse so you can't slaughter me about it!

well there have been my exams which finish last friday and well my job at chillipadi and the stress-ing of balancing the 2.. urgh.. working shifts and stressing about studies is not a good combo!

and the after exam parties were of no help either with the blog updating..
it's actually quite nice having a beer with friend in a club while watching a world-cup match.. i find it quite relaxing

oh and jj came down to melbourne! that was absolutely fantastic!
i hope he had a blast as i became his personal tour guide to the food around melbourne.. oh and the mah-jong games!
i like to declare that i have become quite good with this game! haha

anyway i'm in kl now.. so if anybody wants anything from here that they'd like me to take back let me know!
so right now i am becoming a full time BUM! and i think it's fantastic for me to get a 3 week rest!

=) luvs + kisses!

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