Monday, July 10, 2006

i very nearly forgot about the existance of this blog...
can't help it i have sunk into a very comfortable routine of being a full-time bum in my house...
jin-kun was the one that actually begged me to update it... bah! i told him.. i dun have much to write...

however lately i realize that people keep adding me to msn... people i don't know!
and so today outta curiousity i asked one guy

do i know you?

> nope.. don't think so

then how did you get my msn?

>dun remember

who are you then?

> i'm andrew , 15 from penang

i don't know you.. you please la! don't go adding ppl that you don't know..

i think i made the poor fella shit in his pants. i know i can be such a biatch, i can't help it.
but seriously, i have never met any of this people before and i don't know where they get my msn. and they want to add me?
at least have the courtesy to meet me first before ever trying to add me!

in friendster can kind of comprehend it, coz my friends tell me that it's a popularity those people all i have to say to you is this. GET A LIFE!
if you're telling me that you are basing how popular you are on how many friends you have in a website like friendster then you have to rethink how pathetically low you have sank
there is seriously no farking point in you adding people that you don't know to your friendster list or msn list coz you don't even bother getting to know or talk to them. it's a facility meant to keep in touch with friends! i also am a person that takes meeting over the internet a highly suspicious matter. it's all in the face value. i would still prefer meeting a friend over coffee rather than catching up with them through msn any day.

it's the connection that you make through these meetings that you can't get over the internet. it's not like you can hear the person laugh. all they say is lol.. and it could just be a sacarstic thing. sadly one of my close friends actually said lol instead of laughing once. i boinked him on the head

>idiot! have you forgotten how to laugh?

no la! just now chatting with friends on msn

>so what you cannot laugh now? idiot!

where are we going then with all this technology that is supposed to bring us closer to friends and family. are we enclosing ourselves in a little box called technology.
and also the sad thing is you know those 3g phones that can actaully do wonders?
it's not like you'll ever bother using them to have a video call!
trust me i have had 3 of those phones.. it's more of having a nice phone that you can show off with..

so there think about how much you actually keep in touch with all the people you claim to know in friendster or msn or any other facility that is at your disposal..
i know i can genuinely say that i try but i'm still quite terrible at it. well at the end of the day you can try to assure yourself by saying that it's the thought that counts right?

luv lyn =)

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