Thursday, June 08, 2006

all new seasons start in august, once summer is over

- abc news : on their tv series -

bah! why!! why!! why!! scream out loud in agony..
2 1/2 months of tv deprivation.. no more desperate housewives, no more grey's anatomy, no more prison break, no more house md, no more !! no more!!
i think most people can tell by now how much i love american tv..
i can't help it! american tv is absolutely wonderful

all the affairs, the trashiness, the drama!! ahh.. without the drama where would i be?

it's all absolutely fantastic! once you start it's like hook line and sinker .. it's like a drug you're completely hooked.. sorry i can't help it.. don't believe me! start watching grey's anatomy (that's my current fav. one to date > and it always changes) it's so so good! anyone who knows what i am talking about can't you wait for season 3 to start to see if meridith choses mc vet or mc dreamy?
woman! choose mc dreamy! coz duh!! he's mc dreamy!
(any abc exec who is reading this right now by chance *i'm crossing fingers hoping that you might* make her choose mc dreamy!)

sigh* i sound like a complete maniac writing this post about how fanatical i am about a tv show... but hey the only reasoni would move to america is only if i get to watch all the shows as a full time job...
sorry folks .. although i have been to america it's not my dream place to live there.. i'd always rather live in melbourne or malaysia anytime =]

so yup i can't wait till the show come back.. one month of hols without any shows.. sigh* what am i supposed to do??

at least for now i have some sort of cute entertainment to play with :
misso!! she's so cute =]

absolutely LUURRRVE her!

going to play with her now!

=] luv lyn!


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