Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a spectacular mix of exotic imperialism

here is a sneak preview of the things that i promised.
some new jewellery from p.sly

i'm wearing 2 of my favourites in this picture.
the wrap me around your fingers charm bracelets

i think they're one of the better things i've made.
if you want more head over to the website to order *CLICK*


~currently listening to :
cobra starship x leighton meester.

~ addicted to: the lindt cafe on collins street. that place is so addictive it's bad for my blood~sugar levels

over the weekend i trooped over to the NGV for the salvador dali exhibition. i have to say it is a spectacularly mind-blowing exhibition.
the amount of detail and hidden meanings in his work is genius!!
sadly i wasn't' able to finish the entire exhibition even after 3 1/2 hours so probably heading back there again before it ends over the next couple of weeks.

ok back to work on the next couple of orders//

xoxo Lyn

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