Monday, August 03, 2009

for all it's worth, sometimes surprises sure do come in lovely packages

pictures from 'Evil'-lyn's-"19th"-surprise-birthday party

dinner at sakura

toasting with the black-forest cupcakes with white chocolate ganache frosting
they had liquered cherries covered in white chocolate ganache in them that packed a little wicked punch.
there are a few liquered cherries left in the fridge at the moment. and although they taste pretty good it's like taking a shot of alcohol in the form of a cherry. yeah i made them THAT strong.

group picture

at the moment i really sarah!!
coz the first thing that she said after not seeing me for the last couple of months was this

sarah : lyn!! i'm off to japan in sept!! and guess what?? i'm going to attempt to steal the murakami panda for you!! hahahaha


did i ever tell you i you sarah lu??
for those complete in the dark about the panda it's this:

lv x takashi murakami multicolour panda.. how f*-ing cute is it?

xoxo Lyn

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