Thursday, February 26, 2009

once you open up, you just can't shut up

there are days when everything seems normal, ok. 
it's-not-such-an-eventful day. then smack-bang, a piece of news that you can't dodge because you completely don't expect it comes flying your way.
the friends who you thought were friends one day, you're not so confident of the next. 

the people you really don't want to have anything to do, consistently try to upset you and ruin your life.

2 pieces of unwelcomed news today.

one i'm chosing to forget because holding onto something like that is just not worth getting upset over. i've chosen to grown up. to not let petty things get me down. so yes, i'm moving on from you. albeit a little sadly, but i didn't choose this path, you did. it wasn't me who ruined your life. you did - all on your own. so don't go blaming those who just care about you.

the other, a lawyer's letter sounds just about right to deal with some people's stupidity. yes you, you're getting a lawyer's letter because i'm sick of being bullied, manipulated and letting you walk all over me. i just plain want to have nothing to do with you so i really hope you get the point and leave me alone a-hole.

sigh. then there is another person. who just plain doesn't get a clue. get a clue already. you keep thinking i'm your friend. and i keep distancing myself away from you. so get-a-clue already bimbo! some people must really think the whole world loves them just as much as they love themselves. burst that bubble already! especially when reality is currently knocking on your door and praying that you get a clue.

sorry.. once i start ranting.. i can't really stop.
if this post is not about you, stop asking me if it's about you. i would either have tried to drop you subtle hints (because i have tolerated you up to this very point)  or told it to your face yes that's you. i'm publishing your nonsense to the world so shut the f*-up and deal with it. 

no. i'm not pms-ing thank you very much.


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