Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 things

1: my fav sport is skiing. i like the adrenalin rush going down steep slopes.
2: i happen to despise the new disney kids music (i.e: jonas brothers, miley cyrus etc. etc) because it annoys me to no end
3: cds on the player at the moment: korn, atb and one republic. diverse.. i know
4: my initials are SLY. *ML was the one who discovered this*
5: i make jewelery in my free time. coz i like working with my hands
6: nearly everything in my bag is pink. phone, diary, wallet..
7: black is my fav colour. and yes, followed by pink..
8: i am commitment phobic.
9: there are days i think i'm going to die an old maid.
10: gravity scares my physical assets
11: i do have anger management issues.
12: i hate people who are 25+ that still act like 5 y.olds. i nearly beat up a Mr.Ho coz of that.
13: i'm so bored at work that i can't believe i'm doing this.
14: my fav perfume is CK Euphoria Blossom.
15: i love my mum and i tell it to her everyday. but i also cause her enough headaches to last 10 lifetimes.
16: i currently live for my job and uni. but i'm getting better at the friends thing.
17: i'm happy with my recovery from make believe stint with alcoholism a year ago. doesn't mean i don't drink anymore. just means i've been good, or better behaved... to a certain extent
18: i've got that stupid road trip song still stuck in my head after a 1 1/2 weeks. thanks mrL.lim
19: shopping gives me an instantaneous feeling of gratituous high. it's quiet euphoric really.
20: i'm a foodie. i love food. i pretty much go anywhere as long as the food tastes good.
21: it's the same outlook for clothes for me. as long as it looks good
22: my weakness is shoes, bags and lingerie.
23: i think i go for the aesthetic side of things more than the practical.
24: fav drinks: appletini, cosmos and chamboard lemonade.
o wait i'm in rehab not supposed to talk about alcohol.
25: i'm kinda doing this so margie has something to read too. HAH! betcha didn't expect THAT huni.. =p

TAG: whoever is just as bored as me and in need of something to do..

i was so bored i asked the DocBoss to give me an injection. at least the pain is keeping me awake.
note to self: must not sleep on the arm tonight.. sigh

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margie said...

myahaha thanks for entertaining me!!! :D


ps i have something for you up here... come ova when u have time today:D