Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello world!.. and then some..

yes it's just been a non-stop rollercoaster pile after pile of work to go through.
i'm currently going on 200 bpm and even though there are times when i think i'm reaching breaking point there is still no sign of me slowing down.
whether this is good or bad thing, i no longer have any clue.

this past two weeks i've gotten myself so many jobs that i've earned a total of AUD*xxxx* on my own. (yes that's a total of 4 figures). convert that back to RM and i'd be rich.
for a half-past-non-grad still a student. i think that's pretty-damn-good.

i'm thinking of a break. of going back even for just 5 days. after all now with AirAsia flying direct it costs less than my pair of shoes to go home. only problem is they have a very CB website. an idiot created and designed that bloody-non-user-friendly piece of crap.

if not a holiday to go home and party, my next investment is going to go to face-masks and concealers. the eye-bags are already making me look waaaay past my age. i suppose some eye-cream might help too!!
any suggestions for good brands?

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