Sunday, August 17, 2008

French sole

i think i overdid it this weekend and i'm feeling oh-so-guilty being overly indulgent.
my very recent purchase from french sole : black quilted ballerina shoes ala chanel style.
yes i finally found a stockist in melbourne and i'm so in love with them.

they cost about a weeks pay = an arm and a leg and i'm using every reason possible i can come up with to justify them.
thanks mum for chipping in for them too!!

they're just the perfect pick-me-up i needed..



Anonymous said...

Hi there -

Would you be able to share the stockist/store that sells French Sole flats in Melbourne? Do they have a good selection? Apparently Christensen Copenhagen at QV don't stock them anymore.

Thanks very much!


Anonymous said...

EBONY M on Toorak Rd has an excellent selection of French Sole flats. Their web site is --