Friday, October 03, 2008

the past 2 weeks


finally able to get a seating in movida.
if anyone's tried booking that place before you'd know what i mean.
but the food and wine is absolutely worth the wait..
spanish champagne
*i also had a glass of rose while the architect had whiskey

huge st. helen's oysters
i have never had oysters that were so huge and crunchy before..

air-cured wagyu beaf with truffle foam and poached egg
*this was one of my favs

rabbit meatballs and grilled prawns

we also had the octopus and the hot ganache with vanilla ice cream
no pics but i love the warm chocolate ganache that just melts in your mouth!!

i can't wait to find another excuse to go back there again
yes some of the food is really salty but i kinda like it..

also this finally arrived:

my one off shoulder knit top from asos
i wear it as a dress with leggings tho coz it's kinda long:

wore it to work and eve's reaction:
lyn you're so sexy i feel like i wanna rape you!
me: err.. o__O

also not sure if you can spot it but i blinged up my camera with swarovski crystals!! and it's so pretty!! yay!!
the bigappleberryLyn + anniversary fizzJane
also the opening of match bar at QV!! i love the fact that this place is just downstairs!
dragged janeJane there with me last friday after work

i love the chilled out relax feel of the place and i find that their cocktails very yum!!

shiny disco ball

one of my favourite things in the whole world!!

and i got a whole box to indulge my cravings!!

it's kinda funny coz i think the bears on the cupcakes do look like the architect and me..

i hope everyone has a good weekend!!
i know i will coz uni starts next week.. =(

xoxo lyn

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