Sunday, June 28, 2009

when the bouts of insanity engulf you

sometimes i truly wonder how you can put up with my moments of insanity

// like when i manage to turn the whole living room into something that looked like a tornado just went thru it during exam periods
// when i forget all my important appointments and times
// when i cook up a storm in the kitchen and invite a whole buncha people to eat a 6 course meal
// when i have my bouts of insomnia for days on end
// with my poor eating habits
// with my penchant for tantrums and sulks

i think the list could go on and on
yes you have your faults too when you act like a spoilt*brat

but then again, you are the one that has to live with my insanity
thankfully sometimes you just know when to agree with me and go along with it
and when you know how to pull me back to reality

so know the bigger question is would you let me turn my space into an atelier.. which most likely will expand into other parts of the house? and will involve loads of S T U F F..

i think we need a bigger living room.. i miss my old apartment...

xoxo Lyn

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