Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hey guys

these are the pictures from the UC ball i decided to repost them again using this program i stumbled across...
there's only one problem with it.. if you have loads of pics you gotta load it one by one and it's a bit of a pain
so for those who want copies of pictures.. here they are!

(if you can't see them you need macromedia flashplayer... and if you don't have it go get it!! it's free anyway...)

anyway exams are in 2 weeks for me so i can't really construct this blog any further at the moment.. so just keep watching this space.. i promise that there will be more updates!
at least i've put up a message board

p.s. : if you guys are wondering why i changed to this blog.. well coz it drives me learn how to create blog templates and stuff... but i've not got any spare time for it now tho... sighz*

1 comment:

aNGe said...

hi Lyn!!! nice site!!!! :)
u look stunning in all the photos on that slide!!
xo aNGe